The Robots are going Hollywood

Well, seeing as we live 5 minutes from a movie studio it was bound to happen.

Hello again everyone! And by everyone I mean all those of you who actually still follow this blog… how many of you are there? Guess it doesn’t matter since I’m going to write this anyway.  School is back in and a new season of Culver City robotics is starting out as well.  This of course means we have more stuff going on and it’s time to get this blog going again.

Let’s start with the cryptic assignment I couldn’t talk about before.  Team 702 appeared on an episode of “The Fosters” on the Freeform network on August 15.  We, along with several other teams made up a crew of about 100 extras that were in the background of the show.  This meant that build season essentially restarted because out robots were all in pieces.  We were also supplying and building props for the show, which was the reason we needed the “Robot in 3 Days” I talked about last time.  Once that robot came back, we got word that they did not get enough teams to appear in the background and would need to create a few fictional background teams.  So we got to work rebuilding the 3 day robot to make it really playable and even redressed our frisbee launching robot to appear to be made for this year’s game.  One nice thing about this build is the “inspectors” would be actors and didn’t care if we violated a few rules.  So we made the robot a little bigger and installed a few more motors to make it more reliable than the original.  We turned the 3 day robot into a rookie rolling box for the fictional team “Lab Brats” which would be made up of Bagel Bytes in purple shirts and “deely boppers” on their heads.  (No, that does not mean team 702 will be getting those soon, I don’t care how many members ask!)  The frisbee robot got to be a lifting specialist on a team of actual extras called the “Hack-ademics”.  Shooting took 3 days and the episode turned out really good and we thank the people at “The Fosters” for giving us the opportunity to have this experience.

So as well all know, sometimes fame can go to people’s heads.  Apparently this has happened to the frisbee launching robot because NOW it wants to participate in a parade.

Ok, that’s not really true.  The truth is that the team has been INVITED to participate in the big CUlver City Parade commemorating 100 years of being a city.  As you can see, the robot is being restored to pre Fosters condition and getting a new set of plastic panels and new pneumatics.  However we now have a problem that we have never had to deal with before.  How do we keep a robot designed to run in a 2 minute 30 second match running for 2-3 hours.  Well of course the best solution is… … … … ok I haven’t figured that part out yet. But we will by the time the parade happens.  We’ll let you know as soon as we figure it out.  For now just picture that robot with sunglasses on sayiong things like “let’s do lunch” and “call my agent” and forget that despite being on tv and about to be in a parade, this robot still does not have a name.  (At least it put down the banana.  If you don’t understand that reference, check out some of our older blog posts.)

-Davis (Head Coach Team 702)


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