If I hold a banana, can I have a name too?

It’s been a while I know, seems like we dropped off the planet after competition.  Well we didn’t disappear but we were in recovery mode after the intense Ventura competition.  Well we are back now and we were planning a leisurely post season project, play around with some ideas, mock them up, see if any work, and maybe use it next year.  Pretty much a relaxing time in robotics… HA! You can relax in July!  Nope, all of a sudden we need at least one and possibly 3 (yes THREE!) working robots!  So we’re back in it again, designing and rebuilding to try to get all this done in a month.  (More on why later.)  Hey, who wanted to relax anyway…

We have also had some naming happening on the team.  For those of you reading this that don’t know, it is a tradition to bestow nicknames on members for something notable (or stupid) that they do while on the team.  So in the last week, we have dubbed “The Chair” and “Bean Boy” into the ranks of named members.  We have also renamed the 2016 robots, yes plural.  Since we may need 3 robots, both the competition and practice robot from 2016 are getting rebuilt and therefore need names.  So here they are, “Biggs” and “Wedge”, named for Luke Skywalker’s 2 wing men for the Death Star trench run in Star Wars Ep. IV.  (Biggs is the one that’s full of holes and all in pieces,.  If you don’t get it, see the movie like the rest of the world’s population!)


The only one that has no name is the poor 08-13 hybrid robot.  Our refitted demo robot has nearly had all it’s electronics replaced getting ready for the El Marino Science Fair.  But still it has no name, called only the “Demo bot” or the “Frisbee Shooter”. When I came in this morning, there it was holding a banana, a pretty good trick seeing as it has no arms.  And looking at it there, with wires hanging out, banana perched on its launch piston, it just seemed to be saying, “If I hold this banana, can I have a name too?”

-Davis (Head Coach)


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