We’re on our way, and ready to win!


Following our poor run in Los Angeles Competition, our team set our eyes towards the Ventura regional, our second stop on the road to FRC Regional Champions. I can speak for the team as a whole by saying we are so excited to compete again. There is nothing like competition. Win or lose, you get the experience of a lifetime though this.

Today was our day of travel and it started with packing up the trailer with all our our necessities; robot, toolboxes, bumpers, shelving, etc. It’s a real group effort, we’re all in it together… when things go well.

We set up the pit area and immediately went to dinner. I can’t speak for my team about this, but my tacos were pretty damn good! And from the happy smiles following from my teammates, I can infer it was good for them too.

Normally, I’d include pictures throughout the blog. But I’m tired and sleepy. So, out of sheer laziness and need for sleep, all photos will be found below. Be sure to follow us closely as I’ll be updating it throughout the next few days.Here’s to bringing home the win starting Friday! Tomorrow though; practice and final check.

-Ezra (Head Programmer)


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