Really! We didn’t break it this time!

Los Angeles competition has ended.  The excitement and the stress is gone.  Its time to slow down, enjoy the world, catch up on sleep, take some time off… NO IT’S NOT! YOU CAN SLEEP IN JULY! WE HAVE ANOTHER COMPETITION TO GO TO!!!! (** Imagine scene of total utter panic from the airplane movies**)

Ok it really isn’t that bad, but there really is another deadline coming.  I personally took Sunday off, but that’s all the off time I can afford and now it’s time to prepare again.  And it’s true, we didn’t break the robot in LA despite what our record looks like.  In fact, we did the opposite.  We fixed it! Every problem we ran into was easily fixable and by the end of Friday the robot was wiping out obstacles exactly how we designed it to.   But now it’s time to plan for Ventura and just because it’s working doesn’t mean it can’t work better.  We are now rebuilding the practice robot to give our driver some much needed practice.  We also need a test mount for the tracking system that is almost complete and a place to test our new arm design based on the ACTUAL portcullis rather than the incredibly inaccurate wood version they told us to build.

So is it panic time again? Not really, maybe a little though.  We only have one and a half weeks to get this done and still a lot to do.  There will be some late nights and lost sleep.  Not to mention the stress of another competition, but I am excited.  More excited that I was in Los Angeles because THIS time we know everything is working going in.  And Los Angeles did one more thing, it washed the bad taste of last year’s game out of our memory.  This game is FUN! It’s fun to watch and fun to play.

And I promise, we wont break the robot again… Really! I mean it this time… ok, maybe not, but I promise nothing major.


-Davis (Head Coach)


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