Don’t. Panic. It’s just failure.

Hello again from robot land! It’s been a while, how have you been? Hopefully good, because we have been as busy as ever preparing for the Long Beach Regional this week (March 10-12). Following the bagging of the robot, we took a few days of rest. It was a nice distraction from the large amount of work we still had to do. But, a few days ago, we got back to work in full force. While mechanics began working on fixing errors with our shooting mechanism and arm mechanism, the programming department got to work on finishing up the Pixy + LIDAR shooting system.

Pixy code in development

Unfortunately, after much trial and error, we deemed the LIDAR as unuseable. The clock speed (4000hz) of the roboRIO was much too fast for the slower clock speed (1000hz) of the LIDAR. This posed a problem as we could not relaibly use the LIDAR to receive distance measurement which was a pivital part of our shooting system. We immediately tackled the problem by switching the LIDAR out for a more conventional system, a basic ultrasonic sensor. We have a less reliable system in terms of a perfectly accurate reading of distance, but we have gone to great lengths to ensure that we receive an accurate enough measurement with an intelligent system that is able to filter out the data that is deemed unrealistic. And, in case of emergency, we CAN use the LIDAR… only once.

This is something we will just have to work around. We arent worried though, things will move along smoothly. For now, we will keep pressing onward. The time to prove our hard work wasnt in vain is here!

-Ezra (Head Programmer)


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