It sheared off what???


Testing can be a tedious process.  Once a robot is built we have to check every part, push it to its limits, and see how much it can take.  The problem is that that often takes anywhere from 30 seconds to two minutes before something comes up. So its a lot of hurry up and wait.  Turn it on “Oops we forgot to attach that.” so back to the workshop to get the part and some tools to fix it.  Once that’s done, “Oops, that didn’t work right.” Call in electronics and programming who will work together and find the problem despite the fact that they are constantly arguing that its the others fault.  (Ask the programmer and its ALWAYS electronics fault.  Ask the electrician and there’s absolutely NOTHING wrong with the board so it MUST be in the code.) 10 minutes later its working until… “Wait that’s wrong.”, “That’s missing a bolt.”,  “We lost comms again.”  And after a few hours of this hopefully it runs long enough to try out the drive and maybe pick out a driver.  That was our hope today, and we got real close.  Until… Yep, we broke it again. Sheared the bolt holding the drive wheels on completely off.  Shear in this case means the wheel actually cuts the bolt off sideways at the head with all the torque of spinning back and forth.  So the wheel fell off.  And surprisingly robots do not drive well when a wheel falls off.  That ended testing for at least a day, probably two.  But the reason we get it running so early is to make sure it breaks now and not at competition.  So really, this is part of the process, to break stuff.  Weird I know, but so is building a robot in six weeks while still going to school.


-Davis (Head Coach)


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